“Who else has ever invited Charles de Foucauld, Margaret Thatcher, Philip Pullman and Nick Cave to the same party?” The Compassion Quest’s first month

I will post a “proper” blog-post very soon, but I just wanted to update you on The Compassion Quest. It’s been nearly 4 weeks since it was published, and sales for the book have, in the first month, already surpassed sales of my first book Winds of Change, published nearly 14 years ago now. Thanks for all your support! Reviews have been great, with 11 reviews on Amazon (nine giving 5 stars and two giving 4 stars), a number of very positive reviews in blogs (including from poet and author Gerard Kelly), and a very good review in Christianity magazine.

Here are some of the comments in the reviews, with links: (NB I have updated these to include also more recent reviews)

The Compassion Quest (SPCK 2013)

The Compassion Quest (SPCK 2013)

“Very readable book… [Hughes] writes with compelling passion and authority. 4 out of 5 stars” (Christianity magazine)

“Highly readable style… The writing is fast-paced but has real depth. Alongside the high-brow theologians and writers, Hughes’ text is peppered with film references, song lyrics and news stories from around the world.  Who else has ever invited Charles de Foucauld, Margaret Thatcher, Philip Pullman and Nick Cave to the same party? You won’t be bored. You will be challenged. Highly recommended.” (Gerard Kelly’s blog)

“This is a brilliant book by someone who knows what they’re talking about and knows how to communicate in a clear, contemporary way… This book will help you to see how life works in a different way, and I highly recommend it… 100 pages of wonderful writing, great content and many challenges that we all need to think about” (Dean Roberts’ award-winning blog)

“Some books baptise us with both tears and smiles. And make us stop, look, listen. And make us turn around” (Simon Marsh’s blog)

“In the week that has seen the Church lose the wonderful gift of the author Brennan Manning whose seminal text ‘The Ragamuffin Gospel’ has touched the lives of so many, it’s refreshing to read another voice that gets the true simplicity of the Gospel and can articulate it to a modern audience. 8 out of 10 stars” (Pete Ould’s An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy blog)

“A powerful and compelling vision of compassion and stewardship for all of creation… A challenging and engaging call to be Christ’s people of compassion… [Hughes’s] view of the Incarnation is stunning… An interesting and unique perspective on Christian compassion that bears careful scrutiny, and its overarching challenge is one the Church would do well to read” (Thomas Creedy’s blog)

“Brilliant and accessible theology for real people… Confident, humble wisdom grounded in good scholarship and expressed in beautiful, accessible prose. 5 out of 5 stars” (David Meldrum’s blog from South Africa)

“There is much food for thought in this book” (The Church Times)

“A worthwhile drawing together of spiritual wisdom from an impressively wide range of sources. The author presents a persuasive and often moving case for the interconnectivity of all things under God… None of the illustrations feels forced or clumsy and some of Hughes’s personal and family asides are genuinely charming” (The Church of Ireland Gazette)

“If someone were to ask me which two books, beside the Bible, they should read in order to assist their Christian journey, I would suggest The Shack by William Paul Young and The Compassion Quest by Trystan Owain Hughes. The Compassion Quest is, in my view, the ultimate manual on compassion” (Croeso)

“A deeply thoughtful and introspective book… accessible… reflective… It doesn’t feel like a work of popular theology, or a pious sermon, but an honest reflection on what it means to be Christian… The book made me stop and think, and it has forced me to reconsider the way I view myself and my relationships” (On Religion)

“The Compassion Quest is a beautiful book inviting us to humble awe, to find God and each other in the everyday and to rescue us from lazy, culturally skewed discipleship which has the powerful lording it over the powerless” (Dave Meldrum blog lists The Compassion Quest as one of his Books of the Year)

Compassion Quest launch

Article in Croeso newspaper about the launch of The Compassion Quest

4 thoughts on ““Who else has ever invited Charles de Foucauld, Margaret Thatcher, Philip Pullman and Nick Cave to the same party?” The Compassion Quest’s first month

  1. Thanks for the nudge. Just bought my Kindle edition. I love the opening Franciscan benediction. I hope Pope Francis and +Justin have copies!

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  3. Reblogged this on Trystan Owain Hughes and commented:

    I’ve just been proofreading my new book Real God in the Real World, due out in September as the official BRF Advent Book for 2013. It reminded me that I hadn’t updated my blog post about reviews of my most recent book The Compassion Quest… so, here it is, a blog-post initially posted a month ago, which I have now adapted to include new details of reviews from a number of blogs and publications. Hope you enjoy reading them!

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